Rock Star Energy Drinks

I drank this every day for a whole week 2 weeks ago. It tastes great, especially the vanilla one. It smells pretty good too.

The problem?

It made my skin break out! For the past week I haven't been wearing make up because I don't want to clog my pores. I have huge pimples on my thin and on my cheeks from drinking this stuff.

Do not drink this. It's full of sugar and other bad chemicals.



Franks Red Hot Sauce

I put it on everything.

hot dogs.
toast with cheese.

Do you use franks red hot sauce? If so, on what?


Dior Eye Shadow

I first came across this product about a year ago. I was in a shitty mood and decided that I wanted to 'treat' myself.

Indeed I did. At $60 a case, it better be worth it.

Dior has a line of cream-based eye shadows as well as other make up products. It's not one of the most famous ones but the make up in self is not bad.

What i found was that it really does go on very smoothly. It doesn't last as long as other make up would, but that can be fixed with a primer.

The only thing i wouldn't recommend about this is using the applicator brushes that the case comes with. Or if you like ugly smudged eyes, you should go ahead and do so.

Anyway, i went back and bought another case after mine finished. I love this product.


Vitamin C Skin Boots by the Body Shop

A few months ago I purchased this 'skin booster' from the body shop.

I found that my skin was always tired-looking and it needed a 'boost' to make it seem shiny and fresh.
The girl at the store recommended this and said that it makes your skin look as though you look super healthy.

So I bought it.

I can't tell if i really see a difference when using this product. The inside isn't like a cream-- it's a clear orange-cented gel that you smoothe over your skin after washing it. It didn't really make my skin look 'boosted' or 'awake' it just made it look a bit shinier.

Not sure if I'll buy this one again.

Do you shop at the Body Shop often?



J'adore perfume by Dior.

I received this as an xmas present about 2years ago.

I've gotta say that the smell is great. I've heard from males that this smells good to them too-- which I guess is the main reason one would wear perfume.

I love the bottle, it looks like a golden tear drop. The lid is a spring-like design with a ball at the top.

Great present but there's just one thing.

It's scent seems to wear off in 1 hour. :|


Vibram fivefinger shoes

alright so this ad is all over my blog page.

Can I really call these shoes?
Can anyone call these shoes?


NO, they're toe-socks with rubber soles.

I haven't seen anybody wear these outside yet but when I do, I don't know if I'll be able to hold in my laughter.

Fivefinger, you are the high-tech version of crocs in regards to the lols you bring when being worn.


is it in english yet/

for the 7th time now i've set my blog to 'english'. i wonder if it'll save this time.