Vitamin C Skin Boots by the Body Shop

A few months ago I purchased this 'skin booster' from the body shop.

I found that my skin was always tired-looking and it needed a 'boost' to make it seem shiny and fresh.
The girl at the store recommended this and said that it makes your skin look as though you look super healthy.

So I bought it.

I can't tell if i really see a difference when using this product. The inside isn't like a cream-- it's a clear orange-cented gel that you smoothe over your skin after washing it. It didn't really make my skin look 'boosted' or 'awake' it just made it look a bit shinier.

Not sure if I'll buy this one again.

Do you shop at the Body Shop often?


  1. I do not, I should though. With the colder weather, my skin gets SUPER dry.

  2. nah i dont, look forward to seeing more posts from you! :)

  3. Everyone can use more Vitamin C, but I'd prefer it in a way it didn't make me shiny.

  4. hmm suppose id give it a whirl , then again ill try just about anything once