Franks Red Hot Sauce

I put it on everything.

hot dogs.
toast with cheese.

Do you use franks red hot sauce? If so, on what?


Dior Eye Shadow

I first came across this product about a year ago. I was in a shitty mood and decided that I wanted to 'treat' myself.

Indeed I did. At $60 a case, it better be worth it.

Dior has a line of cream-based eye shadows as well as other make up products. It's not one of the most famous ones but the make up in self is not bad.

What i found was that it really does go on very smoothly. It doesn't last as long as other make up would, but that can be fixed with a primer.

The only thing i wouldn't recommend about this is using the applicator brushes that the case comes with. Or if you like ugly smudged eyes, you should go ahead and do so.

Anyway, i went back and bought another case after mine finished. I love this product.


Vitamin C Skin Boots by the Body Shop

A few months ago I purchased this 'skin booster' from the body shop.

I found that my skin was always tired-looking and it needed a 'boost' to make it seem shiny and fresh.
The girl at the store recommended this and said that it makes your skin look as though you look super healthy.

So I bought it.

I can't tell if i really see a difference when using this product. The inside isn't like a cream-- it's a clear orange-cented gel that you smoothe over your skin after washing it. It didn't really make my skin look 'boosted' or 'awake' it just made it look a bit shinier.

Not sure if I'll buy this one again.

Do you shop at the Body Shop often?



J'adore perfume by Dior.

I received this as an xmas present about 2years ago.

I've gotta say that the smell is great. I've heard from males that this smells good to them too-- which I guess is the main reason one would wear perfume.

I love the bottle, it looks like a golden tear drop. The lid is a spring-like design with a ball at the top.

Great present but there's just one thing.

It's scent seems to wear off in 1 hour. :|


Vibram fivefinger shoes

alright so this ad is all over my blog page.

Can I really call these shoes?
Can anyone call these shoes?


NO, they're toe-socks with rubber soles.

I haven't seen anybody wear these outside yet but when I do, I don't know if I'll be able to hold in my laughter.

Fivefinger, you are the high-tech version of crocs in regards to the lols you bring when being worn.


is it in english yet/

for the 7th time now i've set my blog to 'english'. i wonder if it'll save this time.

blogger is pissing me off


Why are there Chinese ads on my page?

Does anyone know how to fix this?

I'm gonna sob quietly in the mean time.

Western-Style Boots by UGG

I personally am not a fan of UGGs. I do admit that they are warm but they are not fashionable and do nothing to make the wearer look better. Also, after a while, because of their flat sole, they cause bad backs.

And on wards with the western band-wagon, UGG have released a boot with a heel.

I honestly don't know what this shoe is supposed to be. The front looks like a worker-boot, the back heel looks like timberlands.

It's quite ugly. What do you guys think?