Dior Eye Shadow

I first came across this product about a year ago. I was in a shitty mood and decided that I wanted to 'treat' myself.

Indeed I did. At $60 a case, it better be worth it.

Dior has a line of cream-based eye shadows as well as other make up products. It's not one of the most famous ones but the make up in self is not bad.

What i found was that it really does go on very smoothly. It doesn't last as long as other make up would, but that can be fixed with a primer.

The only thing i wouldn't recommend about this is using the applicator brushes that the case comes with. Or if you like ugly smudged eyes, you should go ahead and do so.

Anyway, i went back and bought another case after mine finished. I love this product.


  1. ehw not one of my interests lol xD

  2. so you're a dude who wears eye shadow?

  3. for lady and girl :)) or gay's :))

  4. I'm sure its great stuff, but $60 for eyeshadow isn't really in my budget :) I guess a girl can dream.